Pharmaceuticals are one of the most successful and innovative industries. Still are under constant pressure to reduce drug development costs and time. Therefore, the industry needs to find new ground-breaking ways to extend its product pipelines.  At the same time, the escalation of regulatory requirements led to an increased need for development and validation of reliable analytical methods and for the optimisation of formulations in order to accomplish strict stability specifications.

Understanding our clients’ challenges, inovapotek provides customized formulation development services, from classic formulations to new drug delivery systems, development and validation of analytical methods, among other services.

Our strengths

  • A multidisciplinary team (pharmacists, biochemists, biotechnologists, engineers, biostatisticians, etc.) with skills and know-how to assure the scientific excellence you need;
  • Modern facilities, including laboratory and exam rooms fully equipped, controlled and adjustable to each type of study;
  • A strong network of partners, including universities, other companies and research institutes, to offer you a wide-ranging expertise and the latest techniques;
  • Client oriented services guaranteeing your projects are conducted according to your expectations and your needs;
  • Close follow-up during projects making you aware of every step, advances and setbacks of your projects.


R&D around the clock


To go beyond our clients’ expectations we are driven to stay ahead of competitors, by investing in continuous training, participating in international conferences and betting on research. Our R&D department develops its own projects in collaboration with scientific and technological institutions, clients and other R&D companies and regularly is part of funded projects and consortiums.

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