Product innovation is the key to success in cosmetic industry. Innovation can arise from new active ingredients, new combination of actives with synergetic effects, formulation technology, product delivery or even new claims. Fast and state-of-the-art product development, assuring good stability, compatibility and tolerance while combining appealing and proven claims are key requirements for the success of new active ingredients and cosmetic products.

inovapotek experts are experienced in management and execution of R&D projects such as:

  • Development of new active ingredients from natural sources;
  • Development of new cosmetic products formulations;
  • Development of new methods to assess skin, hair and nails properties and thus bringing new claims to our client’s products.

Besides providing outsourcing services, inovapotek develops R&D projects in collaboration with worldwide scientific and technological institutions, other R&D companies, cosmetic industries, being the perfect SME partner for consortium R&D projects.

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