2.2-Quality-control-&-Stability_ViscosímetroAs cosmetic products need to be stable along storage time and during its use by the final consumer, we provide:

  • Preliminary stability test
  • Accelerated stability test (3-months or 6-months)
  • Stability test in real time conditions
  • Period After Opening (PAO) theoretical estimation
  • PAO determination (lab test)
  • Product/packaging compatibility test;
  • Stability studies in customized conditions.

Samples are submitted to different conditions of accelerated ageing (thermic and physical stress), and the subsequent alterations are evaluated by microbiological, physical and chemical assays.

2.2-Quality-control-&-Stability_pHThe microbiological control of cosmetics is also crucial for most type of products therefore inovapotek also performs:

  • Microbiological control.
  • Challenge tests.
  • Detection of pathogens.
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