To help our clients innovate, achieving fully customized, innovative, stable, safe, effective and regulatory compliant products, we provide formulation development services.

Listening to the market and to the consumers’ needs and expectations is the main drive to develop new products, new textures, new “skin feels”. We start by looking for the best active ingredients and excipients to use, designing a theoretical formulation for each product. Then, the experimental procedure takes place and formulations are optimized according to organoleptic and sensorial characteristics, preliminary stability studies and of course, according to the client’s input.

skin care  – hair care – toiletries – sun protection – after sun – oral care  –   make-up

Cosmetic products are all about the appearance, the touch, the comfort, therefore reaching the desired texture is of outermost importance during a formulation development. We are experts in developing different textures and products such as emulsions, very rich or really light, ointments, lotions, oils, gels, gel-creams, bb creams, products for sensitive skin, baby products, among many others.

We can also improve your pre-existing formulas, optimizing stability profile, skin feel, tolerance or even regulatory compliance.

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