According to the European’s Commission “The role of medical devices in healthcare is essential. The diversity and innovativeness of this sector contributes significantly to the enhancement of both the quality and efficacy of healthcare.”

The industry of food, nutritional or dietary supplements, has been flourishing in recent years, and it is expected to continue growing on the following years. Truth is supplements are currently a mainstream product, turning the industry a trendy and attractive business. Recent and more experienced producers face a fierce competition, together with demanding consumers and strict legislation aiming to ensure the safety and appropriate labelling for such products.

To help our clients strive and succeed in this field, inovapotek provides R&D services, including formulation development, stability studies, efficacy, and consumer tests of medical devices and food supplements.


Our strengths

  • A multidisciplinary team (pharmacists, biochemists, biotechnologists, doctors, engineers, biostatisticians, etc.) with skills and know-how to assure the scientific excellence you need;
  • An extensive database of volunteers, with different skin types, vast age groups, and improved recruiting skills for fast recruitment and enrolment to clinical studies;
  • Modern facilities, including laboratory and exam rooms fully equipped, controlled and adjustable to each type of study;
  • State-of-the-art equipment to assess biomechanical properties of skin and hair, imaging analysis software and high definition images for marketing;
  • A strong network of partners, including universities, research institutes, dental clinic and hospitals to offer you a wide-ranging expertise and the latest techniques.

R&D around the clock

Founded by two experienced researchers, R&D plays an important role at inovapotek. Our R&D department constantly develops new methods to assess skin and hair properties and thus bringing new ways of supporting your claims and allowing inovapotek to provide highly customised and innovative services.

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