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Listening to our clients and understanding their demands is a key point to improve our work and become more innovative and able to meet our clients’ needs. After the completion of each study, we invite our customers to fill-in a study validation questionnaire, where they are welcomed to give their feedback on our studies.

Take a look at what our clients say about us!

  • I liked very much your work and professionalism, it is great to work with skilled staff like you.

    William Wistt, CEO, Wistt
  • There was enough flexibility from your side to make a proposition that totally meets our expectations.

    Hilde Peeters, Senior Formulator for Cosmetics, Agro and Feed applications, Oleon
  • We are very satisfied about the way of reporting and the way of discussion with Inovapotek. We feel that there is a good communication and that there are good responses on our questions. Inovapotek is ‘to the point’ and helps as in achieving our objectives in a constructive way.

    Hilde Peeters, Senior Formulator for Cosmetics, Agro and Feed applications, Oleon
  • "Inovapotek has a profound knowledge of formulation systems. Their reporting system and analyses are very professional and the team is dedicated to quality and perfection. A pleasure to work with.”

    Robert Stal, Medical & QA/RA Director, You Medical
  • Thanks for cooperation and for carrying out the work as per our request. We are interested to continue working with Inovapotek with further products and various complex tests.

  • The price of your proposal was very reasonable and the protocol was well put together. I have only positive feedback to give you regarding your diligence and timing

  • That was a real pleasure to work with Inovapotek. As much at the level of the quality of the work as the kindness of the people!

  • I was very satisfied by the services rendered by Inovapotek. Both Marta and Patricia  responded promptly to inquiries.  The data and reports were presented well, making it easy to understand and follow the results.  I look forward to working with Inovapotek on future studies.

    Mary Kay
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