Cosmetics including toiletries, skin care and sunscreen products can cause adverse skin reactions. Each new raw material, active ingredient and cosmetic product should be submitted to thorough safety assessment. To accomplish this need, inovapotek can perform several safety tests.

In vivo

  • Acute cutaneous irritation test (patch test)
  • Cumulative cutaneous irritation & Sensitization test (HRIPT) (hipoallergenicity test)
  • Compatibility test (open test)
  • Tolerance test under dermatologic control
  • Tolerance test under gynecologic control
  • Periocular tolerance test under ophthalmologic control
  • Single ocular instillation study with ophthalmologic control (“tear-free” test)
  • Non-acnegenicity & non-comedogenicity test
  • Stinging test
  • Stinging test in damaged skin
  • Photosensitization test (photopatch test)

Inovapotek’s in vivo tests may include:

  • Clinical control (dermatologic, gynaecologic, ophthalmologic and/or dentist control);
  • Scoring of skin reactions (e.g. ICDRG allergenicity evaluation scale);
  • Objective biometric measurements, such as TransEpidermal Water Loss, skin colour evaluation, etc.;
  • Subjective evaluation by the volunteers, through evaluation questionnaires.

In vitro

  • Ocular irritation test (HET CAM)
  • Mutagenicity test (AMES test)
  • Phototoxicity test 3T3 NRU PT
  • Skin irritation test (OECD 439)
  • Skin corrosion test (OECD 431)
  • Skin absorption studies

Besides our standard tests we can also develop customized protocols to accomplish our clients’ needs.